To clear up any misconceptions, I have provided a list of definitions:

  • Prejudice: to hold an adverse opinion or belief without just ground or before acquiring sufficient knowledge (Blumenfeld 22).
  • Discrimination: when prejudiced feelings or beliefs move into the realm of behavior...which denies to individuals or groups of people equality of treatment (Blumenfeld 22).
  • Institutionalized Discrimination: when major social institutions (laws, customs, religion, education, etc.) work to reinforce existing prejudice and discrimination (Blumenfeld 22).
  • Segregation: exclusion or separation of certain groups by other groups. It can be de jure (a formalized system of segregation that exists by law) or de facto (exists more informally) (Blumenfeld 22).
  • Ethnic Group: one that is socially distinguishable from other groups, has developed its own subculture, and has a shared feeling of peoplehood (Blumenfeld 23).
  • Race: a distinct human type based on inherited physical characteristics. It is a social or cultural concept rather than an inherent, observable characteristic (Blumenfeld 23).
  • Stereotype: when individuals and groups are defined by others in terms of characteristics, which are usually negative (Blumenfeld 23).
  • Scapegoating: "the singling out of individuals or groups of people as targets of hostility even though they may have little or nothing to do with the evils for which they stand accused" (Blumenfeld 24).

Definitions from Blumenfeld and Raymond's list